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Spicy Burger & Oven Fries

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Maybe, I really miss American food.

Maybe, I just want a burger with my coke tonight.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’ve been binge-watching the Gilmore Girls too much.

Anyway, since I’m out of sugary treats (‘Thank God‘ – my teeth and thighs are thinking), I have to turn to savory. Hence, my need for a dinner slightly fattier than usual. I’d even dare to make a Santa Burger, if the weather wasn’t this hot and summery. So, I’ve decided that tonight calls for a spicy burger. However, since the spicy sauce is store-bought, the whole dinner will take about 15 minutes to make, from start to finish.

I used Italian bread – quite literally, since I live in Italy, –  and small tomatoes – because they were the only ones I had handy.

The spicy sauce I chose for tonight burger is called Hot Chicken Salsa (Calvé), which is basically a cayenne pepper sauce.

You can use a sauce of your choosing or mayo and ketchup.

The recipe is for two burgers (multiply accordingly).

Here goes:


Spicy burger & oven fries


2 bread rolls

2 hamburger patties

2 cheese slices

2 small tomatoes, or 1 big

Lettuce (optional)

Spicy sauce


2 average potatoes



Olive Oil



Preheat the oven to 390 degrees (200ºC).

Gather your ingredients.


Slice your potatoes into either fries or potato chips (for the fries, I use the KitchenAid). Line a pan with parchment paper, put the potatoes on it, drizzle some olive oil on top, add a dash of salt and some rosemary. Put them in the oven for 10 minutes!


In the meantime, cook the patties on the grill pan on low heat.

Slice the tomatoes and have the cheese slices ready.

If the buns are hard or gummy, that is if they are not fresh, put them in the oven with the potatoes for just 3/4 minutes.

Remember to turn the patties and, when they are almost ready (I like them well-done), ease the two slices of cheese on top of each.


Take the bread rolls out of the oven and have them ready on the dinner plates.

Put the patties with the melted cheese on the bottom half of the bread rolls.

Top with tomato slices, lettuce, and spicy sauce.

Take the fries or potato chips out of the oven, divide them equally on the two dinner plates.


And ‘tada!’

Accompany with cold soda or beer.



Enjoy your dinner!!!

Heartwarming Lemonade

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Christmas holidays are well over, but, baby, it’s cold outside!

It is true, there are many ways to stay warm:

a crackling fire would be at the top of my list, if I had a fireplace,

a hot chocolate is another of my favorite go to, but it usually comes with a strong sense of guilt,

a cup of tea is always a good idea…

However, there’s another underestimated drink that helps make everything better: some hot lemonade.

Max always makes me a mug of hot lemonade when I’m upset or when I’ve had a particularly bad day, and it’s soothing effect is undeniable. Plus, it’s rich in vitamin C and works wonders with stomach aches.

It’s a sweet and sunny beverage, perfect to cuddle with, especially on rainy days, with a book or a cookie.

Thirsty yet? Go put the kettle on!

Here’s Max’s best concoction:

2 cups of hot water

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 1/2 tablespoons of lemon juice

et voilà,

easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.04.54 AM

 Stay warm!!!