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Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, TN.


For our first football game as spectators, we have to say that it was awesome!

In a really exciting match, the Vanderbilt Commodores defeated the praiseworthy rivals from Wake Forest University, NC, the Demon Deacons, with a final score of 23-21.



A wonderful fall Tennessean day was the perfect setting: blue sky, with only a few light clouds, and a very pleasant sun which warmed up the fans (us included).


Sight of Vanderbilt Stadium’s west seats and of all the fans who are supporting the Dores with the hand sign
that with thumb, index and middle fingers creates a sort of monogram V-U (Vanderbilt University)

And for those who are wondering: «Why, what is the connection between “anchors”-“commodores” and Tennessee?», we have the answer.
“Commodore” is the nickname given to Cornelius Vanderbilt, founder of this University, for his great skills as steamboat entrepreneur, and the anchor symbolizes strength and stability against any opponent in any situation.

For this reason we join Vandy’s victory shout, cheering the Dores in this very important win, that makes them eligible for one of the College Football Bowls, post-season games which take place between December and January. Therefore: