Hart of Dixie 3×01 – Who Says You Can’t Go Home

‘I brought bagels!’

This show is amazing: warm, joyful, sunny and with a Southern accent. What’s not to love?

I enjoyed every minute of the first series, but the second one was quite disappointing: Zoe and George became idiotic and the love triangle cliché lost all its effect on me. But all the other elements were still there and so I kept on watching. Plus, Annabeth Nass was a nice addition and Lemon Breeland completely won me over: she had such a positive development that she soon became one of my favorite TV characters of all time.

Spoiler alert!

Since TV premieres set the tone for the whole season that follows, I put a lot of hope into HD 3×01. And I was right. Well, at first I was taken aback by the new guy Joel, played by Josh Cooke. I’m sorry to say this but he totally creeps me out, probably because I’ve seen him in Dexter, and I really don’t like this New Yorkese hint in the middle of my Alabama daydream. I was also in a bit of a panic not seeing Kaitlyn Black, aka Annabeth, but I sighed with relief when I discovered she has been promoted to series regular for Season 3.

I’m still not sure what to expect from Zoe or George and I hope this time Tansy stays out of the way. As for my Jaime King, I think she will still be given a lot of space and, fingers crossed, that great part of it will be shared with Wade.
Who doesn’t like some Lemonade in this summery weather?

‘Lemon Breeland, you are certifiably insane. You need a 12-step program for shenanigans addicts. But I appreciate the thought, all right?’

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